My favorite memory about snowbell is
when she climbed on top of her cage .what I like about snowbell is she is funny.what I didn't like about is when she niblib on your firge. I will miss snowbell over the summer snowbell is staying with Clara. How to take care of snowbell every morning we give snowbell a treat we clean out snowbell cage.on Monday we
Put snowbell in her ball and let her run around the classroom then we put her up.
This video is about the face of the playground.
The desert is very hot.
The desert doesn't have that much rain.
The desert has a lot of rock and sand.
The desert has snakes.
The desert has lizards.
What I liked about the zoo is the lions the lions didn't do that much.
I like the mearcats because they were cute when they were playing.
I like the zerbs because they were difficicuft colors like brown and white.
I like the monkeys I like when they was swing.
I like the eleface
The painted lady really did that must but.
they got a little bit bigger then last time.
now the painted lady are black.
My group find a pupa this is odd the pupa
is smaller than the mealworms.
My group don't have a lot of skin.
My business name is snowcone express
We will be saling snowcones for $0.75
cent each for two $1.25 it will be a lot
of flovors and we will have a train thelma
all the money will be going to cherity.
What I worry about on our is the trees
because if somebody come cut down
our trees and when it is hot we don't
have nothing to sit under and one more
thing I about is the birds if the bird have
to go one I will miss from is when they are
I did not go to the music show I was mad because I did not go.
I know I did not go to the music show the one I like is 2 grade.
My group worked on Frederick Douglass
it took us three week. My was part was
childhood facts. My group worked very hard.


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