Opal found Winn Dixie in a store called Winn Dixie. then she told Winn Dixie to come on. Then she asked her dad if she could keep Winn Dixie. Her dad said no. Then opal dad called the pound. Then Winn Dixie ran outside and hopped in the truck. Then said you can't take Winn Dixie away because that is the only friend I got. So they let Winn Dixie come. Hen opal and Winn Dixie wall to Otis pet shot. Then they met Gertrude. Whatever opal say. Gertrude say it too. Then opal dad sent her to bed then Winn Dixie went out opals room and barked. He opal dad said he is scared. Opal had a party at glorious dump house. Everybody even the dewberry boys. Opal forgot Winn Dixie. I have to take care of him r he will get taken away. Opal went outside in the rain. Glori said to come here. Sh did. Winn Dixie was lost. Opal asked her dada could be help her found Winn Dixie. So they went to find Winn Dixie. Opals dad said lets give up. Opal said no. I need Winn Dixie. Opal went to Gloria's house. Otis was playing his guitar. Opal said where is Winn Dixie. H sneezes and sneezed again. Otis played his guitar and then we see Winn Dixie. Wen opal saw Winn Dixie she hugged him and aid we missed you so much.
Robin Murphy

Hi Yasmine! This is wonderful writing! Good job! :)


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